Group Classes


“Come with Questions… Leave With Clarity…”


Pass the Puree, Please: Introduction to Complimentary Foods

Join Lindsey, as she discusses the introduction to solid foods. Families with infants 1-6 months of age and beyond are encouraged, all welcome. Topics of Discussion: Developmental Readiness, Progression of Food Textures and Volume, Prevention of Childhood Obesity and Picky Eating, Baby-Led Weaning, Food Allergies, and more!

Dump the Bump: Postpartum Weight Loss

Join Lindsey, as she discusses how to ‘Dump the Bump’ safely and effectively. Postpartum Moms 4-6 weeks after delivery and beyond are encouraged, all welcome. Topics of Discussion: Weight Loss and Lactation, Safe Weight Loss Goals, How to Eat for Energy, Initiating Exercise, Shopping/Food Preparation Tips, and more!

Nutrition That Nurtures: Maternal Nutrition

Join Lindsey, as she discusses nutrition during pregnancy and lactation. Preconception, prenatal, and postpartum moms are encouraged to attend, all welcome. Topics of Discussion: Food Safety Concerns, Foods to Avoid in Pregnancy, Appropriate Weight Gain/Loss, Flavor Learning, Lactogenic Foods, Nourishing Mom Between Pregnancies, Allergy/Intolerance in Baby and Mom’s Milk, and more!

Breastfed Beginnings: A Nursling’s Delight

Join Lindsey, as she discusses the progression of lactation beginning in pregnancy through baby-led weaning. Prenatal and postpartum moms are encouraged to attend, all welcome. Topics of Discussion: Maternal nutrition in lactation, lactogenic foods, how-to’s of breastfeeding in the ‘early days’, breastfeeding positions, establishing a robust milk supply, pump necessities, lactation tools, signs of hunger/satiety, appropriate weight gain, maintenance of milk supply and much more! Come get set up for a successful lactation career!

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Whistle While You Pump: Expressing Milk in the Workplace

Join Lindsey as she guides you through the in’s and out’s of transitioning back to work life with a breastfeeding baby. When do I start pumping? How much should I expect to pump? Do I need a freezer full of milk? How much do I send with baby? Topics of Discussion: Pumping techniques to optimize output, scheduling, paced bottle feeding, milk storage techniques, lactogenic foods, milk volume needs for baby, and much more!!

Small Bites, Big Changes: Nutrition in the Toddler Years

Join Lindsey as she guides families through the changes in nutritional needs from infancy to toddlerhood. Topics of discussion include avoiding picky eating, incorporating toddlers in cooking and food selection, division of responsibility in the feeding relationship, balancing meals and snacks to be nutritionally complete, and much more.

Breastfeeding Support for Birth & Postpartum Professionals

Join Lindsey as she discusses the role of birth and postpartum professionals in breastfeeding support. Topics include: Obstacles for initiation and continuation of breastfeeding, role of family support, basics of latch, positioning, when to call for clinical breastfeeding support, and more. This 3-hour class fulfills all doula certification requirements upon completion.

Private Group Counseling

Minimum of 4 participants per class
Classes are priced on an individual basis
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